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The Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club recently submitted a proposal for ATV road access and presented an overview at the July Select Board meeting.

Why are we requesting road access?
Our trail system currently has several dead ends and trails that do not connect to one another. We have tried for several years to create trails to fix these dead ends - but because of land sales and terrain challenges, we haven't been able to establish any long-term, dependable routes.


Road access will allow us to connect all of our trails. In addition, it will give south Hollis residents easier accessibility to trails without the need to trailer their ATVs and find parking in northern Hollis. 

The red lines on the map show our current trails and the blue lines are the roads that will connect all of our trails. The yellow lines are ATV trails that connect from other towns.























What roads do we want to access?
The proposal we submitted and presented during 
the July town hall meeting requests access to the following roads:

  1. Saco Road – access for 1.25 miles

  2. Deerwander Road – access for 1.17 miles

Our proposal also initially included a request for road access on Plains Road. After speaking with the Select Board and listening to the concerns raised by residents, we withdrew our request for road access on Plains Road.


How fast will ATVs drive on these roads?

Deerwander and Saco roads are posted as a 35 MPH speed limit for vehicles. If ATV access is approved for these roads, the ATV speed limit will be posted as 30 MPH.


How will ATVers know where the road access begins and ends?

The Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club will be responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining the appropriate ATV signage on the roads. Our proposal includes the following signage, and may be updated based on feedback we receive during this process:

  • At the beginning of every road access point, signage that reads “Access Route Begins” and “Access Route Stay on Pavement” along with an arrow to direct riders

  • At the end of every road access point, signage that reads “ATV Access Road Ends” and an arrow to direct riders

  • “ATV Access Road Stay on Pavement” signs will be placed along the route to provide additional guidance


Who will regulate ATV access on these roads?
In other communities throughout Maine, the Maine State Police, Maine DOT, town officials, and local ATV club work together to ensure proper signage and regulation. The Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club will work with our community partners to regulate riding on these roads. 


I have questions about this proposal and want more information.

Email the Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club and we will be in touch to answer your questions.

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