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We want to bring your attention to two critical articles on the June 11th ballot that were requested by us, the Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club. These articles concern controlled road access on parts of Deerwander and Saco Rd.The Deerwander access will stretch from the old railroad bed to the large pole lines, while the Saco Rd access will extend from the small pole lines to just before the intersection of Rt 35.


Why are we advocating for this ordinance?
Firstly, safety is paramount. We aim to provide a safe means to access currently inaccessible trails via roadways. Unfortunately, ATVs are already being unlawfully operated on these roads. Legalizing this access allows us to regulate it, prioritizing safety for all road users. We've collaborated extensively with State, Local, and other town officials who have approved and are using ATV road access in other towns to ensure the safest possible alternative.


The controls we propose include:
- Keeping lights on at all times
- Enforcing a 15mph speed limit
- Yielding to other modes of transportation
- Prohibiting operation from sunset to sunrise
- Mandating staying on pavement to avoid disturbing ditches or driveways
- Utilizing DOT-approved signage for clear communication and awareness.


Secondly, we aim to expand our trail system and provide a means to access these trails, thereby minimizing traffic in the northern part of our trail system.


We urge you to join us on June 11th to support our club and all other outdoor enthusiasts who cherish and enjoy the outdoors.


I have questions about this proposal and want more information.

Email the Hollis Freewheelers ATV Club and we will be in touch to answer your questions.

Red lines: current trails
Blue lines: proposed road access
Yellow lines: Waterboro trail system
Deerwander Rd.jpg
Saco Road.jpg
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