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We currently are working on expanding our trail system. We currently have 21 miles of trails. Our trails will connect you with Waterboro and Limington. You are able to travel to other towns with all connections.

Please contact us if you see an area on our trails that might need attention. Please remember that parking for club members only is available at our club house. The gates are locked and only members are permitted to park. 


President - Alan Chamberlain
Vice President - Mike Cassidy
Secretary/Treasurer - Phil Gasowski
Trail Master - Tim Johnson 
Assist. Trail Master - Dan Chaplin
Ride Coordinator - Anthony Pala

Board of Directors:
1 year - Tim Johnson (2018)
2 year - Dave Morton (2018 - 2019)
3 year - Anthony Pala (2018 - 2019)


General email:


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